B2B services for marketing and sales as well as personnel services

index Agency

PR and marketing for the digital economy and the public sector.


index Advertsdata

Better acquisition results for personnel service providers, publishers and job boards.


index Research

Personnel market research: Data and analyses for the labour and job market.


index HR Marketing

Systematic and creative employer branding and personnel marketing.


index Software

Web-based IT services for personnel service providers to manage your data with ease.


The index Group offers a broad range of B2B services for marketing and sales as well as personnel services. It is made up of a  Berlin-based PR agency, the European market leader in job market analyses, a personnel marketing agency, a market research service provider and an IT service provider. All five divisions stand for quality, service and innovation and strive to enable our customers to be successful in the long term. Headquartered in Berlin, index was founded in 1994 and employs around 140 people.

The index Group places as much emphasis on social responsibility as it does on treating staff, customers and business partners with respect. Our non-profit foundation Gute-Tat(Good Deed)  supports social organisations and promotes voluntary engagement of individuals and companies.


Marketing and personnel services



Marketing und Vertrieb


PR + advertising

You’re looking for variety and creative freedom without compromising on quality? Then you should consider working as a consultant or in our agency division’s graphic design department – there’s never a dull moment.

Software development

Software development is the heart and soul of index Advertsdata. We are continuously developing our portfolio to respond to new trends and create new services and products. We need employees who think ahead, embrace new ideas and have an eye for detail. Are you a creative soul, never short of ideas? Then you’re in the right place here at index.


Our international sales team lays the foundations for index’s growth. With diligence, perseverance and an excellent understanding of our target audience, our sales staff has played a huge part in achieving the fact that today, around 10,000 businesses use our tool index Advertsdata.


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