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Since 2003, index Research has specialised in personnel market research with a focus on the labour market, job market and human resources. With these three areas, index Research covers the entire personnel market, from employee data to job offers, through to the companies themselves. The research results benefit numerous job boards, publishers, personnel service providers, authorities and businesses in the public sector, hiring companies and consultancies.

The research topics are very diverse, ranging from corporate image compared to the competition, to customer evaluations of products and services, through to data to support sales. Other areas include data and information for business development and business analytics. For this purpose, index Research uses, for instance, online surveys or interviews, but naturally also accesses the index Advertsdata database to carry out individual evaluations.

With a multidisciplinary team of psychologists, sociologists and economists, index Research offers its customers expert advice and smooth execution of your individual market research projects.


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